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As a mental-health writer and author of, MAY CAUSE SIDE EFFECTS (order available here), my goal is to help people understand that happiness is not a given. It is a skill that we must learn, and yet it's not something taught in school.

HAPPINESS IS A SKILL is a bi-weekly newsletter devoted to philosophy, research, and strategies to help people unravel internal scripts, heal from depression, and practice the skill of happiness. Expect candid thoughts on facing trauma and grief, tips from experts around the world, the latest research, and interactive Q&As.

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Philosophy, research, and lessons on how to get off antidepressants, heal from depression, and learn the skill of happiness.


Brooke Siem

Brooke Siem (@brookesiem) is a writer whose work has appeared in The Washington Post, New York Post, Insider, and more. Her debut memoir, MAY CAUSE SIDE EFFECTS, was published in 2022 and is available wherever books are sold.